Please be aware that the Friends of Grace Dieu Priory are no longer able to hold paranormal events or Ghost walks, and Paranormal events organised by 3rd parties are forbidden by the Grace Dieu Priory Trust. 


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Our plans for 2020.....

We are sorry to disappoint but unfortunately this year’s National Forest Walking Festival, and therefore our Grace Dieu walks planned for May, have been cancelled because of social distancing.


Unfortunately, both the Festival of Archaeology and Hello Heritage have also been cancelled.


*******Stay safe*******

• The National Forest Walking Festival in May on the dates below.
All walks are £3 for adults. Please meet at the Bull’s Head.

Sunday 17th at 3pm
Thursday 21st at 10am
Wednesday 27th at 6pm

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• The Festival of Archaeology - 27th June to 26th July
All walks are £3 for adults. Please meet at the Bull’s Head.

Tuesday 30th June at 6pm
Sunday 5th July at 3pm
Wednesday 22nd July at 10am

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• Hello Heritage Festival - September 5th to 20th
There is no charge but donations towards the maintenance of the Priory will be gratefully received. :)

Sunday 6th September at 3pm

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• And of course we hope to stage our popular Carols at the Priory event on the first Sunday in December.
But please note we do need your help to stage this event.


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Local events season is coming up so please keep an eye on our walks web page and also our Facebook events page -


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Please note that the price of Dame Petronella's 1414-1418 Account book has been reduced to £15 + p&p.

The book is unusual in that it is the sort of record which lay behind formal accounts and which tended to get destroyed.
It is clear someone has later annotated many of the entries with the heading of the classic manorial account.
The book details both the income of the priory - mostly rents from settlements within a few miles of the house - and its expenditure.
The latter included purchases of meat and fish and other foodstuffs for the household, costs of items such as building work, agriculture (mostly wages) and payments to servants. The Account Book is not just about money, but also a source of information about many aspects of social life at the beginning of the 15th century. The Draft Account Book will be invaluable to medievalists studying social, economic and monastic history and to Family Historians.
The book has been printed in paperback form, in a limited edition of 300. Professor Christopher Dyer of the University of Leicester has written the Preface; Kenneth Hillier, a trustee and local Historian, has written a 29 page Introduction; Dominic Johnson, Genealogist and Historical Researcher is responsible for the transcription and translation from the original medieval Latin; and the late Lesley Boatwright wrote on the Editorial Conventions and Latinity of the Grace Dieu Priory clerks. There is a Glossary of both Latin and medieval English words; Person, Places and Subjects indexes; and a useful list of Saints Days and Festivals.

The book, which consists of 348 pages, costs £15 + £4 p. & p. (cheques payable to Grace Dieu Priory Trust please) and can be obtained from

Mrs Ann Petty,  174 Leicester Road, Whitwick, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 5GJ the sole supplier.


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Next year we will again be running our FREE school educational visits.  

These visits are intended to increase awareness of Grace Dieu Priory and consist of a presentation, activities and a guided tour of the Priory.

What could be better than a walk and talk in the fresh air - and it's FREE 

If you are involved with a school, or know a school that might be interested, please contact our Treasurer Malcolm Allsop - 01530 833 632    

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If you would like to become a Friend of Grace Dieu priory and involved in future events please see here for more information.  

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You can download a route map to the Priory from the car park at the Bull's Head Thringstone here.

To purchase the books below please contact Ann Petty