2021  Events:


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This year there are no nationally organised National Forest Walking Festival activities but please refer to the National Forest Walking Festival website and also the Festival of Archaeology website for locally organised events.

The walking festivals haven't been cancelled but it has been left up to each group whether or not they do anything.

There are no leaflets being printed this year but there are lists of events on both websites. 


We are also, hopefully ,doing 3 walks in July for The Festival

The dates for them are Sunday July 4th starting at 3pm from The Bull's Head, Thursday 15th July at 6pm and Wednesday 28th July at 10am.


The Friends of Grace Dieu Priory are joining with the Belton History Group to take part in the Hello Heritage Festival.

We are planning two open afternoons in St John the Baptist Church, Belton on Saturday 11th September and 18th September from 2.00pm- 5.00pm. We will be putting on a display of old photographs. artefacts, books, depicting the history of Belton and Grace Dieu. There will be an opportunity to visit the etching of the rude man of Belton in the tower and to see the bells. We will be showing 3 films about Belton and Grace Dieu. There will be a quiz for young people, Church members will be serving tea and cake. We will be doing a guided historical walk round Belton.


On Sunday 12th September at 3.00pm, there will be a guided walk round Grace Dieu woods and Priory.

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Unfortunately in November our site was subjected to an act of vandalism. There are some photos here and here is an article that appeared in the Leicester Mercury on 22 December 2021. Below is the Radio Leicester interview with our chairman David Whitt.

DW BBC Radio Leicester Interview 29-12-2021.mp3

So, can you help us? If you enjoy spending time at Grace Dieu, and would like to help, would you please consider donating to the site’s upkeep?

We are a small charity having to put right a lot of vandalism lately and have recently set up a GoFundMe page to accept donations - 

We are so so grateful for all your help and support. Thank you ☺️❤️

*******Stay safe*******


Below are pictures of the damage done by the vandalism.



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