Ghost Walks at Grace Dieu Priory  

Saturday evening and all the visitors and stall holders had gone, Grace Dieu Priory returned to a silent tranquil ruin. Or was it…..?

The Leicestershire Paranormal Association requested a vigil on the Saturday night, where they would attempt a scientifically based experiment to try and find out if there was any paranormal activity around the Priory.

Splitting the night into vigils of approximately one hour duration with a twenty minute break, they visited various areas around the ruins including the field containing the Standing Stone.

To summarise their findings or shall we say their experiences, here is a list of the more notable happenings.

Near the ruins of the south range, two members of the group experienced a vision of a banquet with gentlemen and ladies eating off metal plates, there was also a young boy playing a flute.

In the field beyond the railway line, there was a drummer boy beating his drum for a company of soldiers who were also present.

Members of the group reported that they could see people passing through the field across the brook, men, women, and children dressed for work on the Home Farm. One woman named “Fanny” looked to be in her thirties was wearing a fawn/light brown long skirt very tattered at the bottom. Her beige blouse was torn and her mousey hair was tied up in a bun at the back of her head. They also could see horses, cows, dogs, pigs, geese, hens and chickens. Horse and carts could be seen carrying wooden barrels, cloth, live stock such as chickens and geese enclosed in wooden cages and pigs tied to the back of the carts.

Whilst sitting in a circle between vigils there was a sudden gust of warm air which went through the group and was felt by everybody, then the cold night air returned.

A member described an old man she had seen sitting near part of the ruins and the name of “Albert” or “Alfred” had come to her. Bill and Ann Newton, who had been invited to join the group, recognised the description as that of their grandfather who had lived and worked all his life on the Grace Dieu Estate.

Another group member was very disturbed by a vision of three young soldiers being executed in an area near the new entrance to the Priory.

Finally whilst the group were sat in a circle having a break, three black shapes began to move across the cloister area and approach the circle. With some relief on both sides, they turned out to be three people and a black dog, out for a walk. What at 1.30am!

It had certainly made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!


If the 2007 Ghost Walks Programme tested the stamina of the “Ghosts” of Grace Dieu, then the Walks of 2008, must have stretched them beyond belief.

The numbers of the Public who attended the programme of walking events in 2007 was estimated at 600 people.

The numbers of the Public who attended the programme of walking events in 2008 was estimated at 1,020 people and the walking programme for 2009 is proving just as popular. We may even beat that total.


The Priory has been filmed by the BBC as part of the introduction to some of its national programmes. Local articles have appeared in the Leicester Mercury, the Echo and the Coalville Times and it has been featured on local radio.

The ghost walks and paranormal evenings have highlighted the reputation of the Priory as one of the most “Haunted Locations” in the Midlands . We have had enquiries from Ghost Hunting groups from as far afield as Manchester and London and the Priory has been included in a number of web-sites relating to the paranormal. So our fame is spreading far and wide and people attending the walks are coming from places such as: Loughborough, Leicester, Market Harborough, Hinckley , Burton on Trent and Castle Donington. We are grateful to the Bulls Head Pub for allowing the parking of cars and allowing hospitality to often cold, wet and bedraggled ghost hunters!

People have found evidence in their photos of; orbs, ectoplasm and strobe lighting, which I am expertly informed, indicates the presence of spirits, and we have even been fortunate enough to capture ghostly apparitions of people and faces.

We are already in the middle of this year’s programme, so it is hoped we will have another very “active” year.

Here are a few of the photographs taken by people attending our ghost walks over the past years.

Thanks to the ghosts of Grace Dieu Priory.