June and July .... it was very wet!!!









In May we were part of the National Forest Walking Festival





In April some Friends of the Priory enjoyed a windy walk through Swannymote Wood





In February and April the Friends of Grace Dieu and volunteers from the BTCV www.btcv.org.uk worked tirelessly to clear the pond area.  The Friends are grateful to Vitax www.vitax.co.uk for providing weed control.  All we need now is rain to fill the pond!








Below are some of the Friends                                   Below our chair David Whitt talks to Ben Jackson from BBC Radio Leicester






Below are some volunteers from the BTCV






On 6 February 2012 Peter Liddle gave a talk on the geo-phys survey at the Priory, and Ken Hillier gave an update on the work on Dame Petronilla’s Accounts book which is progressing well.





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